Header Photo: Call me sentimental. I love this country. While this site is about the displays we can make for you, it is also a tribute to America … to the splendor of its vistas and basic goodness of its people.

Why buy from us?

There are thousands of shops that produce display graphics and banner stands. Many do an excellent job, but not all. Some don't do any of the work themselves but are simply online resellers for manufacturers that mass produce. You want to choose a supplier that cares about what you need and pays attention to the details.

Ocean Color

We have been producing large format color prints and displays for more than 20 years. When we started, we had never heard of a banner stand. We made structures from wood an aluminum to prop up our large mounted prints for display. Mounted prints don't roll up for travel and are hard to ship.
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The first type of banner stand we sold -- and we produced a ton of them was the Chrono Expo 2 display shown show above. We made something like 24 of them for the National Geographic Channel.

The Chrono Expo system is no longer available, but there are other L-Frame stands available. The L-Frame has the advantage over a retractable of having a very low profile -- no base at the bottom of the graphic panel, just the visible edge of the gripper bar. Also, with an L-frame, the hardware does not have to extend past the edges of the graphic panel. This means that several stands can be used side by side to create a multi-panel display with no gaps between the panels.

Graphic Design Service

Many customers send us digital files ready to print. If you are in that category, please review the information the How to Order page. If you don't do your own digital design work or have a designer working on it for you, please feel free to call us to discuss what you need. We can work with whatever you have and get your ideas ready to print. Our design style is first to understand that the purpose of the design is to communicate your message and then to accomplish that as efficiently as possible without spending unnecessary time and running up a large design bill.

Trade Show Booths
Most of the exhibits we have produced were for 10' x10' or 20' x 10' booth spaces, but we can also work with one of our partner companies to produce much larger exhibits. In 2010 we produced a 30' x 90' exhibit for the AHR show in Las Vegas. (Below). The exhibit included a number of freestanding aluminum frame and printed fabric structures including four that supported 50" video monitors. Ocean Color created the designs for the printed graphics which included a number of photo murals and light boxes.
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A different kind of web site

Our goal in building this web site is to provide the most useful information possible about our display products, including straightforward comments on the pros and cons of each as well as close up photos that will enable to you to "kick the tires" to the extent that is possible online. At the same time, we wanted to provide a rich visual experience. We make no effort to hide our sentimental love for this great country, so we offer a scenic tour with our headers, that we hope you will enjoy.

This is a remake of a site that was online too long without updates. We have a lot more displays to tell you about, so please stay tuned. We will be adding different types of banner stands, outdoor and hanging banners, very portable displays for trade shows, and a lot of tips and ideas.

Finding the banner stand that is right for you

You may not have put a lot of thought into it, but ultimately you will be deciding whether you want a very low cost stand or one that is better made to look nicer and last longer or be easier to set up.

How inexpensive? Many customers automatically want the lowest price, which makes perfect sense, but there are other choices to make:
How wide should it be? It can be as narrow as 24 in. or as wide as 48 in. It can even be ten or twenty feet wide in sections.
How tall? Many are just over 6 ft. Some are as high as 10 ft.
How heavy? Very light weight for carrying… or heavier and sturdier?
Retractable? -- easiest to set up … or…
Non-Retractable? - more time consuming to set up but better in other ways.

If you don't find the type of display or the answers you need on this site, feel free to call (800) 219-8700 or email phil@oceancolor.com.

Photo Editing
Photography can play a very important role in the design for your banner stand for a number of reasons. One is that a photograph can communicate a concept or a feeling or show the product you offer in a fraction of the time it would take someone to read even a short headline.

We are pretty good at editing a photo to make it look the way you want it to. For the image below, we took three different studio shots. The rest was photo editing.
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Our Other Web Sites

You may want to check out our main web site:

and a special focus web site:
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Also we have built a couple of special interest web sites for the sheer fun of it.:

What's in a name?

While folks in the display business refer to it as a banner stand, we have noticed that many of our customers refer to it as a pop up. a pull up, or roller shade. or sign board. Other terms are post up banner, stand up banner, display panel, and sign board. You may notice that we will use these popular terms, all having pretty much the same meaning, here and there through the site in order to accommodate our visitors.
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Exhibit and Display Experience

We have helped hundreds and hundreds of companies, large and small, with their trade show booths. In 2008, Ocean Color was contacted by New York cultural anthropologist Jill Vexler to come up with a good way to produce an eight-mural exhibit about the Holocaust that would travel through Poland. We recommended a variation of a trade show solution… the popup curved back wall with rollable panels because it was made to travel. The exhibit was co-sponsored by the Galicia Jewish Museum in Poland and started its European Tour there.
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Above: Ocean Color web designer, Martha Nunes, poses with the 10 ft. wide "pop up curve" display system selected for the 8- mural Holocaust exhibit. She is holding one stand frame in its collapsed position for packing. After expanding the frame, we attached the four rollable panels that made up each of the murals. This is the type of display made popular for trade show and convention booths because the whole display travels in one case, and that case converts to a podium during the event. We chose to omit "end cap panels" and leave the two sides of the frame exposed. The customer liked the structural look of it. That also made it possible to connect the displays in a continuing serpentine shape as shown below.

Below: The exhibit on Tour in Estonia in 2013. The eight photo murals in the display were designed by New York graphic designer Barbara Leff.
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A year after we produced the traveling exhibit for Europe, Jill Vexler contacted us again to produce an exhibit of 29 stands that would display mounted prints 30" x 50". We designed and fabricated a special aluminum stand for the purpose. The exhibit told the story of South Africa civil rights activist Helen Suzman.
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Note: All of the product and header photos on this web site were taken by Ocean Color Group, Inc. for its exclusive use and are copyright protected.
Photo of the traveling Holocaust exhibit in Estonia courtesy of the Galicia Jewish Musuem, Krakow, Poland

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